ფიტნესი,საცურაო აუზი,სოლარიუმი,აკვა აერობიკა,ფისნური და თურქული საუნა,პროფესიონალური ჯაკუზი,ყველა სახეობის მასაჯი,კოსმეტოლოგიური კაბინეტი,სილამაზის სალონი,კაფე-ბარი,საკუთარი ავტოსადგომი
Newly built residential building in Ortachala

The building is 1200 sq.m. with a new project to expand it to 1500 sq.m. The project is already approved with all permissions. Project  is offered for $2,000,000.

Green Building

A class office center offers spaces for rent!

Ground Floor: 34 sq.m  for $35 per sq.m, 40 sq.m  for $35 per sq.m, 120 sq.m for $30 per sq.m

First Floor:      311 sq.m for $25 per sq.m

3rd Floor:        375 sq.m for $ $25 per sq.m 

Train Station

First Shopping Mall in Tbilisi offers spaces for rent! Located at one of the busiest places in Tbilisi where the subway, city transport route and train station connect! Unique Location with good parking! Spaces are available from 42 square meters up! Call immediately to reserve your space!